TJ Perkins Talks WWE Cruiserweight Classic Dream Scenario, Change In His Career, Other Offers


Source: GMA News

WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor TJ Perkins recently spoke with GMA News Online. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

Joining the tournament after meetings with other promotions, including NJPW:

“It came up along with a lot of other offers. I think, for the first time in a long time, I wanted my heart to decide where I go. I thought this would be good for me and good for my wrestling soul.”

Change in his 18 year career:

“I feel like everything was changing already, but when the CWC came, and now that it’s progressing, it feels like it’s actually like, a landmark or an anchor to all the change because it kinda represents something on a visual level in the form of an event that people can look back and say you know what, that’s when everything changed.”

His CWC dream scenario with Zack Sabre, Jr.:

“If I had a dream scenario, it would be Zack… We could do it a thousand times, we’re like Batman and the Joker. I think people kinda forget, because I could do a lot of different things, but in my heart, I’m really a technical wrestler. Being in there with somebody like Zack where he’s, you know, pure technician, I think it would be really fun and it’d be cool and we’ve done it in the past. To be able to do that in that sort of a way, it’d be kind of a special moment to look back at one of my long-time opponents and say look at what we’ve done, and look at where it brought us.”

Check out the full interview with Perkins at this link.

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